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We regularly pick a selection of photos from our various albums (nineteen at the present count) to highlight a theme or mark an occasion or event. We call these our 'Featured photos' and our latest is shown here. Click on the image to view the full album/slideshow...

NOTE: our full gallery of all our current photo albums can be found here.

Latest photo albums

Bishopston Society public meeting & AGM 3 October 2017
ClairCity workshop 10 July 1017
Public meeting 4 April 2017
AGM 4 October 2016
Public meeting 15 April 2016
Public Meeting March 2015
Local Qualities of Bishopston
Bishopston views and varied architecture
Biodiversity of St Andrews Park: 2. Fungi
TBS AGM Sept 2014
Gloucester Road Independent shops
Architecture plans for development: 148 - 156 Gloucester Road
Public meeting 7 April 2014
Architectural details
 Biodiversity of St Andrews Park: 1. Insects
Stokes Croft
Cheltenham Road - varied architecture
North Road: varied house architecture
Featured photos
Good recent developments in Bishopston
Conversion of Bristol North Baths to a Health Centre
Unusual architecture on Gloucester Road
Gloucester Road Conservation Area architecture
TBS AGM 30/09/13
TBS Open Meeting with Mayor 25/03/13

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