SORRY! PLANNING PORTAL OUT OF ACTION: We are sorry to have to announce that The Bishopston Planning Portal is currently out of action. For technical reasons beyond our control, much of the information gathered via the portal is not currently being updated automatically, and therefore the portal does not currently provide a reliable indication of the details or status of planning applications. You may still view it, but beware of misleading results please. We are working to develop a fix for this problem. Bristol City Council's online planning database at remains the definitive source of information.

ppgrabThe Bishopston Planning Portal enhances The Bishopston Society's planning work by providing a visual representation of selected current planning applications via an interactive map, and access to a database customised for Bishopston.

Monitoring planning applications is, and has always been, a key facet of The Bishopston Society's work. Our planning representations on behalf of our community make a difference to the way the local built environment is shaped. 

Our aim in constructing and launching the Portal is to encourage wider and deeper engagement in planning applications by our members and other web visitors. It also demonstrates our commitment to accountability in carying out the public scrutiny and representations made to Bristol City Council on individual applications and wider trends.

It will enable you to keep up to date with the planning applications we've selected, allow you to view all the public comments that have been lodged on Bristol City Council's planning site, and keep track of the decision-making process, all on one page.

In the Planning section of our web site, from now on, you'll find links to the online planning portal together with a shift in the format and style of the commentary on applications we've been providing for years. Occasional articles providing commentary on a batch of recent planning applications will be pubclished (in place of individual articles), using links in to specific records on the Portal for further details.

Accessing the Bishopston Planning Portal direct provides an alternative way of accessing applications, and seeing where they are located within our area: please take a good look, noticing that you can select individual applications via the map that's initially displayed, or using the list format accessible via the "List" button.

You'll also find on the Portal a statistical analysis which will help us monitor the effectiveness of our planning work. And we are growing a Glossary of terms used in the planning system whose aim will be to empower local citizens to understand and use the planning system better for local benefit.

The best way to get the most out of Bishopston Planning Portal, however, is to click through and try it out!

Notice in so doing that there's a "Help" button taking you to further guidance on how to use the Portal and what everything means. You might like to open a link to the Help page in a new window and keep it open whilst studying the Portal itself.

The Bishopston Society is humbly grateful to Chris Wallace, local datasmith and software developer, who also runs The Gloucester Road Story and sits on our committee - more details of his work are on the above Help page.


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