The latest (and good) news for the Gloucester Road concerning planning permission for these posters is that, subsequent to the Bishopston Society's written objection to this plan, we have received the following statement from the Council:

"Further to the comments you have submitted about the above application, I can advise you that the application has been withdrawn.......

Should a subsequent new application be received, you will have the opportunity to comment on that application".

Yours sincerely

Development Management

Bristol City Council


Street banners - Fly Posting by another name?

 Bristol City Council has registered a series of planning permission applications for the use of hundreds of lamp posts on heavily trafficked roads around the city to be used as sites for commercial advertising.

 These advertisements would be displayed on ‘street banners’ 2 metres high by 0.8 metres wide at a height of 2.5 metres above ground level.  Locally, we would be seeing (accosted by) these ‘street banners’ at various locations (as yet unidentified) along the Gloucester Road, Cheltenham Road and Stokes Croft, as well as on Ashley Road, Whiteladies Road and Park Street.

Bristol Civic Society (BCS) has taken up this issue and has been looking closely at the applications for these ‘lamp post flags’ It has discovered that while any advertisement must be displayed to an agreed set of principles, the only listed subjects for exclusion are party political, pornographic and radar detectors.  Presumably anything else is acceptable.

The clear aim of BCC in employing these ‘lamp post flags’ is to accrue revenue from them.  No thought seems to have gone into consideration of the cumulative visual effect of these large and necessarily overt banners on Bristol’s street scene.  Indeed, there has (deliberately?) been no attempt by the Council to put forward a simulated visualisation of how these might appear once employed along a busy road such as our Gloucester Road.

The BCS is very concerned that decisions about sites for these advertising banners are to be made by the end of May.  The whole planning package could very easily go through ‘on the nod’.  Their concerns about the aesthetic effect of deploying these across the City are also paramount and they have tried to demonstrate the likely visual effect of these on a typical busy Bristol street as seen in the accompanying photo:

 It seems highly ironic that considerable effort and money is going to be spent by the Council to try and get rid of graffiti, flyposting and other unsightly aspects of the Gloucester Road street scene, while at the same time they are planning to deploy, on a large scale, equally, if not more, overt eyesores in the form of these ‘lamp post flags’.

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