This document sets out how we are planning to organise the TBS "Celebration of Culture" event taking place on Tuesday 2nd April at GCCC, for the benefit of visitors from organisations we have termed "exhibitors" (where this term is intended informally), and organisers/helpers. As you can tell, it is accessible to you in public via our web site but is not intended for public consumption, so we would ask you not to publish its web address or otherwise disseminate it. Here's the public article.

Original purpose and desired outcome - recap:-

  • A celebration of Bishopston's cultural amenities and social life, and the contributions which local talent and innovation make to Bishopston, Bristol and beyond;
  • Use of a crowd-sourced/participant-led approach to the identification of "who's who" on Bishopston's social and cultural scene;
  • We will create, as an outcome of the event,  some kind of "who's who map" of the organisations and activities identified at the event, derived from the exhibitors taking part and those unable to come, and from the nominations offered by participants emerging from the group-work slot.

Briefing for "exhibitors"

  1. Please help promote the event to your members/networks - flyers are available via the public article here.
  2. Please send a small selection of photos or other digital images summing up your work, and including name/logo/contact details if possible, by Friday 29 March, to  to be included in the rolling slideshow we're hoping to display throughout the evening.
  3. We don't want or need you to do much else in advance of the event, and want to emphasise that it's not an advertising activity but is focused on awareness-raising, in an informal community setting without requiring flashy professional facilities.
  4. Please bring along a supply of leaflets/flyers/etc. about your organisation/work, and if you have one a small poster or (say) A3 sheet which you may be able to pin up - we have a few display boards and have been told we can blu-tac this sort of thing to the walls.
  5. Please arrive at 7.00 pm to set up prior to doors-opening time (7.15), and find out any last minute details from the organisers if need be
  6. You will be allocated to a "stall" based on a theme, probably with other exhibitors, for the exhibition part of the evening - see below. You will not need to make speeches but will be able and willing to talk about your work, and the work of others in your field, to those visitors who attend your stall.
  7. Visitors will be invited to visit one or more stalls, and will be given an informal indicator of the passage of time at 5 minute intervals, so that they can move on from "your" stall to others and managed the limited time they'll have visiting stalls during the exhibition slot.
  8. You will be invited to observe and/or contribute to the sit-down group-work segment, but not to lead it - TBS faciitators will be on duty at each group-work table to do this.
  9. During or after the group-work report-backs you might be invited to say a few words during the plenary session. You will be given the opportunity to help draw the meeting towards its close, especially if there are "closing remarks" or other key points you hadn't previously had the chance to make.
  10. Please be on hand to field follow-up visits to your stall informally during the remainder of the evening or at the end, but take responsibility for clearing away your own materials by chucking-out time please.
  11. We'll let you know afterwards about follow-up, and consult you on the proposed new web site section - see below.

Programme for the evening (visitors wil be given this via handout on arrival)

  • 1900 Exhibitors arrive to get set up
  • 1915 Doors open to visitors for registration/networking
  • 1930 Welcome and orientation
  • 1935 "Exhibition" slot - visitors tour stalls talking with "exhibitors"
  • 2015 Small-group slot (fruit juice taken to tables) - see below for task
  • 2045 Report-backs from small-groups + respondent comments + discussion
  • 2100 Conclusions/closing remarks/exhibitor shout-outs
  • 2110 Open Forum - general shout-outs/announcements
  • 2125 Thanks and close
  • 2130 End

Instructions for small group tasks (to go on reverse of handout, with space to fill in blanks)

  1. Discuss this evening’s exhibits as representatives of Bishopston's social and cultural scene.
  2. Which of the "exhibits" you've seen this evening most appeal to your interests? Write down up to 3
  3. Which organisations/activities/opportunities appeal to your interests but were not represented tonight? Write down up to 3.
  4. Prepare to report back your group’s combined views and comments to the whole event via a spokesperson.
  5. Please hand in this sheet at the end so we can capture the results (anonymously)

Themes, "stalls" and "exhibitors"

The "stalls" will be organised by theme. The themes could change before the event:- 


Window Wanderland

Katie Swanson Price

Artist/Red Glass Design

Sally Coulden


Colin Moody, Photographer

Colin Moody

Paul Bullivant, Photographer

Paul Bullivant


Max Minerva’s

Jessica Paul

Bishopston Library

Chris Brown

Friends of Bishopston Library

Juliet Lamont, Alison Boulton

Mike Manson, Author

Mike Manson

Music & Drama

Kelvin Players

Susan Howe, Ralf Togneri

RiffRaff Choir

Elaine Wilson

Stepford Singers

Marion Lovell

Gurt Lush Choir


Parks & Gardening

Horfield Organic Community Orchard

Shannon Smith

Avon Organic Group

Pauline Tilbury

Friends of St Andrews Park

Martin Weitz, Jenny Morris

Local History

Bristol Civic Society (Blue Plaques) 

Gordon Young

Bristol Radical History Group

Colin Thomas

Know Your Place

Pete Insole

David Cemlyn, Local Historian

David Cemlyn

Bristol Historical Association


Community & Media

Bishopston Matters

Anne-Louise Perez

Bishopston Voice

Sue Thomas

North Bristol Community Project

Rita Gupta

Sport & Wellbeing

Gloucester County Cricket Club



Diana Penny

Briefing for TBS facilitators

  • Help exhibitors get set up before the start, using stall labels, name labels and space for materials.
  • After visitors have registered at the front desk on entry, offer each a handout and invite them to pick their initial stall, but await the introduction and orientation announcment for an explanation. Urge people NOT to sit down til a bit later (except of course for any who are infirm etc.)
  • Tour the exhibition stalls yourself, help usher visitors along to the next one at 5 minute intervals if they wish.
  • Help usher visitors to tables (random seating) for drinks and the next part of the event, ie group-work slot.
  • One facilitator per group-work table should ensure group task is clear, time is managed, handouts are completed, a consensus emerges, and prepare to say a few brief words as a report-back from your table.
  • Collect one completed handout from each participant at your table as they depart, reminding them to photograph it if they want their own record - insist on everyone leaving it behind please!


Unless exhibitors object or advise otherwise, the digital images submitted before the event may be used to form an early version of the "map" mentioned above. This term is not necessarily used literally - although some sort of digital map may be involved, a directory of "our favourite cultural and social organisations and activities" (with a decent name!), published via a new "Cultre" section on our web site, is being considered.... See "sneak preview" new web section at

Many thanks for taking part and we look forward to seeing you, but if this leaves you with any queries, please mail us via  beforehand, including a number and a good time to call if you need to speak to us.

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