aboutusaimsThe Bishopston Society's mission is to secure the improvement of local amenities and the social, environmental and historic character of Bishopston, and to become the recognized voice of the area on these matters.

Our vision is a Bishopston that is sustainable, has a pride in its history and its future, with attractive architecture, sound planning and design, popular amenities, a welcoming atmosphere, cultural diversity, and an informed and engaged population acting together as a democratic voice for our communities.

Our aims are to:-

  • secure the character, conservation, development and improvement of local amenities and other features of historic, social, environmental or public interest;
  • inform and engage the public in the geography, history, natural history, environment and architecture of our area.

Our objectives are to:-

  1. promote high standards of planning, architecture and design in our area;
  2. monitor with a critical eye, and respond to, planning proposals and developments;
  3. support proposals and activities which enhance the local environment, the character of our area, and people’s lives;
  4. champion local concerns and offer a voice to decision-makers, the public, media and others;
  5. develop and maintain close working partnerships with other organisations and campaign groups on matters of mutual concern as part of a wider networked movement of like-minded bodies;
  6. stimulate and encourage civic engagement and democratic participation;
  7. inform and engage our members and the public, and enhance our reputation, via public meetings, newsletters, a web site, social media and other channels.

Our activities include running events including public meetings, frequently in partnership with others. We publish a half-yearly newsletter for all members, whom we consult and support over a range of issues and initiatives. We run this website (www.bishopstonsociety.org.uk) and associated social media channels to keep you up to date and informed about local and wider, issues relevant to our mission.

More information is provided on all of the above elsewhere in this ('About') section of our web site. See in particular our current priorities and strategy, including details of the development of our latest vision, mission and strategy document (which you can download in full).