aboutuscommitteeThe Bishopston Society is a membership organisation with over 170 members and an active committee with a range of interests and local knowledge.

The committee is composed of interested members elected annually at the Society's Annual General Meeting (usually held as part of one of our public meetings - see Our news & events).

Current committee members, with some of their roles, are as follows:-

  • Neil Embleton - Planning
  • Dick Farrow - Treasurer
  • Kevin Molloy - Community Partnership; Clean Air Bishopston
  • Nick Plant - Chair and e-Services
  • Simon Randolph - Website and Newsletter Editor
  • Joanna Towner (withdrawn temporarily) - Local Groups
  • Lionel White - Membership Secretary

The committee meets roughly every six weeks. Between meetings committee members pursue their special responsibilities, individually or in sub-groups.

Any member of the Society is welcome to sit in on meetings or join our committee. Guests are invited along to contribute on specific or specialist topics or projects from time to time.

The committee's efforts are supplemented by a number of valued helpers, each with their own responsibility/interest areas, including:-

  • Rose Boswell - Communications (previously)
  • Richard Buist - Planning and Auditing
  • Alison Griffies - Social Media
  • Jenny Hoadley - Meetings
  • Chris Wallace - Bishopston Planning Portal

We invite members to get in touch to pitch your own ideas on activities we could or should add to those we are already doing, especially if you can help with them or offer a lead! We also hope to fill gaps by recruiting additional committee members or volunteer helpers.

Our previous work on Licensing, now in abeyance, is a key example - please get in touch if you are interested in help us resume this valuable area of work.......or supply your own ideas on what you think we (or you) should be doing!

Please click on Contact us to get in touch to find out more or get involved - in a small way or more!