We last reviewed our priorities and strategy in late 2018. As a result of this our broad strategies we set from mid 2017 into 2018 will continue in 2019, ie:-

  1. partnership development and diversification - we are working more closely with existing partners, and inviting additional organisations to join together with us on projects involving common concerns;
  2. communications and membership development - we are drawing more attention to our core work and reaching out to a wider public, consulting to draw out members' wishes and solicit contributions, and have lanched social media channels;
  3. resources and general management - we are recuiting new committee members as our key resource, have reviewed roles and management (including the work of committee members and our valued helpers), and are linking strategies 1 and 2 above so they reinforce and support each other.

Strategic actions for 2018/19

1. Look after our core business, playing to our strengths and extending operational work where possible:-
1.1. Maintain momentum on planning, supported through a working and well publicized planning portal;
1.2. Maintain momentum on public meetings, and consider an extension to the number and type of events we run, resources permitting;
1.3. Maintain momentum on communications and information via the newsletter, website, social media, members updates and external publicity, and enhance profile-raising and stakeholder engagement where possible;

2. Continue selected aspects of development work where person-power and other resources permit:-
2.1. Continue partnership development, in particular by
2.1.1. continuing to support Clean Air Bishopston;
2.1.2. developing a working partnership with Gloucester Road traders on selected theme(s);
2.2. Commission an independent evaluation of the views and wishes of members (and if possible other stakeholders);
2.3. Establish a constituent relationship management system to enhance membership renewals, convert more supporters to members, and simplify other administrative tasks;
2.4. Motivate and recruit additional helpers and committee members, planning for succession and sustainability.

Appeal for help

As publicised frequently already, we still need more resources, particularly additional committee members or volunteers. Meanwhile, please note the caveats in the above action statements, ie "....where possible", "....resources permitting", etc. Note too our commitment to finding more help (action 2.4 above). 

In practice, this means that in 2019, we may suspend some activities if we cannot find people to help us do them, and to avoid the risk of burn-out amongst the current committee and helpers, even though we really want to do them!

Further information

The core of our current strategy dates back to a major consultation we carried out, entitled "Our Journey" in late 2016 and 2017. Full details of the background to this strategy consultation can be found here in our archive of the 'Our Journey' section of this web site created at the time.

The resulting "vision, mission and strategy" document can be pdfdownloaded here.

You may also be interested in our news report on the 2019 strategy update.