ID-100214937We have a new web site…..and more improvements are planned!

We hope you like our new web site. Please take a good look around. What's new and what's different, compared with the old site?

You’ll see that the site has had a design makeover, and now features a cleaner, more colourful, layout. We’ve not had a revamp like this since the old site went live in 2009, but we hope the new design is more appealing and engaging for you, the members of the Society, and for public visitors.

We’ve focused hard on visual content enhancements, so you will see additional photos and graphic content……and more photo galleries and slideshows will follow, not least to help show off the wonderful features of Bishopston to the wider world and celebrate them locally.

The fundamental structure and main content of the site has not changed, and we’ve thrown nothing away, but we hope that our ‘tweaks’ make it easier for you to find your way around and access what you are looking for quickly.

We have a few new features, but these only pave the way for further plans already in hand. For example you can now find and peruse a comprehensive backlist of previous Newsletters (in the News section), and we’ve kicked off a new feature on good and bad architecture in the Planning section, which will be developed further soon to mirror online the display boards we already exhibit on our pubilc occasions.

Meanwhile, the commitment we have given to news updates over the last couple of years is being sustained, so you will find the front page (which features the most recent items elsewhere on the site) is worth visiting regularly.

We’ll be moving forward on carrying news features from our partner organisations, friends and others, having also kicked this off by including some initial ‘news feeds’ on the new site.

The less ‘sexy’ news about the new site –and the main reason it has taken longer than we’d have liked- is the ‘behind the scenes’ work we’ve also been beavering away at. We’ve moved to a new web hosting set-up, upgraded our (‘content management’) software, spent a bit of cash on some additional functionality, and tried to move towards a more professional platform by including information and features on legal aspects and similar matters of regulatory import.

There’s more information about the nerdy dimension available via the footnote links at the foot of each page

More important, though, there’s an online feedback for YOU, our members, to use. So, after you’ve taken a tour of the new site, PLEASE go to the bottom of any page, click the Feedback link in the footnotes, and give us your views, comments, suggestions, etc. We’ll take all contributions into account in the process of continual improvement we’re working on…

oldwebsite....and finally, but mostly only for the nostalgic, here's a screen shot of our OLD web site, just to show we've moved on!