This web site is now 18 months old. It was launched in its current form in June 2009. Its content has built up slowly but surely since then, and now offers a popular and informative resource for members, as well as a showcase to the public. We are now

 working towards the next generation of the site as we are determined it will go further in helping Bishopston Society become an authoritative voice in the area. As readers will readily see, the site offers members news, meeting announcements and reports as well as articles and photos of Bishopston.

We now have regular updates on our work with the Neighbourhood Partnership, and have started fuller reporting of the work the committee carries out routinely on members' behalf on local planning applications. Complementary work on licensing is also coming online and you can contact any officer of the society via the site.

The site attracts up to 1800 visitors per month and generates enquiries from outside. We have lost track of how many other web sites link to ours, but we know there are lots, and we get a healthy number of hits via Google.

Future plans include “virtual visual display boards” highlighting good and bad local architecture, ie the digital equivalent of the display boards that members will have seen at local events. In addition to developing the Planning section, we also aim to grow our archive of older newsletters, etc. tracing the development of Society since 2003, and we hope to draw more attention to our developing relationships with other local organisations…

….BUT this is the right time for Bishopston Society to pause before racing ahead, and to ask a vital question: how would you, the members of the society and other visitors to our web sit, like to see the site developing, and what’s missing? What do you LIKE about the site as it currently stands, and what if anything, do you DISLIKE about what we are doing or publishing to the online world?

We have therefore launched an appeal for feedback to help guide the Committee’s web working group on our next-generation web site. Please contribute your views on the above questions, or others. To do this please click here and fill in our online comment form.

We look forward to hearing from you and will report further on web development plans…