During 2011, a transformation has taken place on the Bishopston Society website.  Previously the website was just a “brochure” site, a static entity used to mark out our presence in cyberspace.  But in the last twelve months we have been making great efforts to improve the look and feel of the site, and to ensure that the site’s content is kept up-to-date and fresh.

A glance at the site today will show that no article on the front page is more than two or three weeks old.  The use of “Read more” tags means that the pages are less cluttered and text-heavy.  And increasingly, we are providing links to news from other sources, such as Bristol City Council, Bristol Civic Society or our friends in Sustainable Bishopston.
The different sections  -  on Planning, the Neighbourhood Partnership and others  -  are a way for people to keep abreast of a range of developments in our area.
Over the next year, we want to further improve and develop the website by:-
•    including more photographs and other images of Bishopston
•    providing more links to “Friends”, and to other sites of interest, such as current City Council planning applications
•    expanding the background information on Bishopston and its history
•    revising and improving the structure of the website, with more sections of discrete interests
•    adding a downloadable membership form
Further into the future, our aim is to make the website more interactive, so that it becomes a two-way channel of communication.  This will enable the Society to actively engage with members and the wider community so that we can:-
•    canvass members’ opinions on issues of the day
•    provide a forum for discussion
•    strengthen the legitimacy of views expressed on members’ behalf
We want the Bishopston Society website to be the “go to” place for news and views on what is happening in Bishopston, and to “help Bishopston have the voice it deserves”!