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This web site owes its existence largely to the following:-



  • Nick Plant (Committee) - site design & development and e-services advisor
  • Simon Randolph (Committee) - site editor
  • Dick Farrow (Committee) - co-editor and policy advisor
  • Aniz Damani (Graphic Consultant) - newsletter design and production
  • Laura Plant (Illustrator) - banner artwork
  • ....and our valued partners too numerous to mention who supply  content, ideas, inspiration constantly.

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We aim for our web site to be accessible by all.

Those with visual impairment, or others, might find the toolbar shown at the bottom right of the screen useful:-

  • Screen reader: select some text on your screen then click the "Play" button, wait a few moments then listen
  • Notice there's a volume control button as well as Play, Pause and Stop buttons
  • You can also resize the text on your screen using the Increase, Decrease or Reset buttons
  • The last three buttons enable you to choose alternative high contrast screen setting.

Comments or suggestions on accessibility matters are welcome, like others, via Feedback.