Dear Tree Friends, (writes Clive Stevens, Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neigbourhood Partnership TreeChampion) Councillor David Willingham and I are trying to save this yew tree.

It already has a Tree Preservation Order on it but the developer wants that removed so it can be felled. It’s up by City of Bristol College. It’s in Bishopston so ideally objections should be from locals and even better from the Bishopston Society but all will be welcome. It gives us more clout. It appears the objection I did on technical grounds might not work on its own.

The application to cut down the tree is on the BCC website at: If you click on this you can go direct and leave your objection (if you wish to do so). Or email referring to the usual stuff about beautiful tree, loss of visual amenity, looked at by students and parents and children going to school etc. Objections need to be in by 24th October please.


Clive Stevens