As the nights draw in and the rain comes down it’s easy to wonder whether we even had a summer but at the Golden Hill Community Garden, we can’t complain.

We’ve had a great year and an excellent first growing season, which we celebrated last month with a fantastic
Harvest Festival. Almost 400 people were entertained by live art from the P.U.P. group (our wonderfully creative Monday evening drawing group), morris dancing from the Pigsty Dancers, wonderful live music in the Shed Stage and lots more. And are we planning to lock the gates and put our feet up over winter? No way!

We are planning to open every Wednesday 10am–4pm (except Boxing Day) as well as one Saturday a month and we have all sorts of exciting plans to keep us busy. We have finally put up our second poly tunnel and will be growing in both tunnels over winter. (It’s also another place to shelter from the elements!) As the hectic growing season winds down, we’ll have time to tackle our list of infrastructure jobs including: building more raised beds, setting up our outdoor kitchen, building a herb garden, planting soft fruits, making lots of beautiful signage, building  a pond, dipping platforms, and putting in more rainwater harvesting and composting systems. If you’d like to learn about any of these things or have skills or ideas to offer then please get in touch. We’ve also got all sorts of exciting
up-cycling ideas including growing mushrooms in spent coffee grounds, and building walls for our shelter out of tetrapacks and plastic bottles.

There is more of this article by Lucy Mitchell of The Golden Hill Community Garden and other interesting news in the latest newsletter of 'Bristol Food Network':

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