This is a summary of the meeting on Nov 27th:

Present: Peter Hall – Ground Manager GCCC, Jon Young – Galliford Try (Developers) Approx 14 Local residents, Cllr Bev Knott Apologies: Tom Richardson – GCCC

Developers Galliford Try have now been on site for 6 weeks.

Work is proceeding on 2 fronts:

1.    The Pavilion. This work will continue with roof removal, internal strip out, taking down the facade and groundworks to the end of December.
A steel frame will be erected through January, the building will be extended and by the end of February there should be a liner on the roof.
Work will continue on the external envelope and glazing, with a target finish date for the Pavilion of the end of July.
The steel frame will be delivered by articulated lorries including 2 abnormal loads (via the College end of the ground).
Scaffolding will remain on the rear of the Pavilion until work finishes, as a safety measure in case any of any debris.

2.    The Flats. Entrances to the site have been established, the Jessop stand and its foundations have been demolished. Piling has commenced adjacent to the school sprinkler tank and will continue for 3 more weeks next to the cricket nets.
Basement excavation has just commenced and will continue for 8 weeks with up to 50 lorry loads of spoil leaving per day.
2 tower cranes will be arriving and will be erected on 12th December and 3rd January.
Residential structural works are scheduled from mid January to the end of July.
From mid January there will be concrete pouring/power floating with a system of flags to signal if this is going on beyond the usual working time of 18.00.
Lights will be pointed away from residential properties to minimise nuisance.
If the weather is cold the power floating can go on for hours and is noisy as it uses a petrol -driven motor in 30 minute bursts.
From about April other trades will be on site (bricklayers etc.)

The Christmas break will be from 21/12/12 to 2/1/13. Bulk excavating will not restart until 7/1/13.


1.    Lorries’ movements are stopped during times when school children are arriving/leaving. This  arrangement will continue when lorry movements increase.
2.    When lorry movements increase during basement excavation they will be controlled by a banksman on Ashley Down Road with radio link to the site.
3.    Lorry wheels are jet washed on leaving the site and the road is swept daily.
4.    Monitoring of noise/dust /vibration has been set up with a device adjacent to the school and handheld devices on site. If thresholds are exceeded a message is sent to the on site supervisor to investigate.

Problems raised :

1.    Problems with stone lorries parked on Ashley Down Road in October – this was due to stone being sourced from 3 different quarries which led to a breakdown of coordination and lorries arriving together.
2.    Impact of 3 construction projects being carried out at the same time – GCCC, school expansion and Allen House. Skanska (school developers) and the Allen House developers had not been invited to this meeting.  Council have appointed a co-ordinator in the Planning Department who has met with the developers individually but probably not together.
3.    Parking on Arthur Milton Street by lorries and vans blocking residents getting in/out. Difficult to tell which development they are relating to. If there is a problem, take a photo and contact Galliford Try. Their gateman has list of registrations of vehicles entering site.

Proposed Actions:

1.    Further meeting on Tuesday 22nd January 2013 (venue and time tbc) to which the developers for Allen House and the school will also be invited, along with the coordinator from the Council.
2.    Noticeboards at school end and Grace Gates end of the site with updates on construction work.
3.    Information on GCCC website.
4.    Links to the Construction Management Plan will be provided on the GCCC and HowZat? websites.