Jan 7th,18.00 – 20.00 Council House


1) Public Statements – opportunity for anyone to make a 1 minute statement (must be summarised
in writing and sent to the Chair in advance please, by Sunday 6th, for acceptance).
Then discussion on….
2) Mayor’s Statement to the Tree Forum; either an updated one, or his October statement preelection,
see Q1,Q2 & Q3 below (The Mayor and the Executive Councillor for Parks and Green Spaces
have been invited, I hope one of them can come):
Q1) On tree canopy - I would like to aim for doubling it in a generation.
Q2) On tree protection - It is a key proposal of mine both to protect and plant new trees –
and if trees have to be replaced for whatever reason that they are done with enough trees to
get early equivalent benefit.
Q3) On use of Public money - I support strongly in principle am not making any irresponsible
revenue promises until I am able to juggle with the budget for which there are inescapable
cuts of £28m in Council spending this coming year. Tree planting by communities with special
reference to school children is a key policy. I would like every school child in this city to feel
3) Tree Bristol BPF brief – discussion on issues regarding Parks Planting Plans and
Street Tree stump replacement opportunity .
- Raising private money for stump replacement?
- Update from the Council on their Big Tree Plant grant application – success or otherwise?
4) The setting up of Sub Groups (technical and communication – we need volunteer members,
a number have already come forward)
Setting up of a working group to review the Tree Forum Constitution review (to report back
for summer 2013?) e.g. corporate membership, Councillor membership, BTF relationship
with the Council…
5) “Tree protection and private money” – a personal view by Clive Stevens, Chair.
6) Elections for Chair and Vice Chair. Candidates please email Richard Ennion by 9am on 7th Jan
2013. Candidates must be a representative from a
community group.

TO BE ABLE TO VOTE: At the moment our constitution states that to be a voting member of
the BTF you must be a representative of a community group e.g. a parks group,
neighbourhood partnership rep, residents’ association rep or other (we are reasonably
flexible). If you are unsure, ask the chair of your group to send you an email saying you can
vote on their behalf! Councillors are not allowed to vote. Sorry but the constitution dates
back to 2008 and is modelled on the Parks’ Forum who have these rules too.
Next meeting: presentation by Bristol Water and Wessex Water on 8th April, 2013 at 18.00 Council
House. I am meeting with them soon to discuss the detail but my current working title for this is, “Do
the utilities still hate trees?” (I abandoned the other draft title; “waterboarding trees”).

Clive Stevens, Chair