Clive Stevens, the Chair of Bristol TreeForum says:- Bristol needs your help.

To prepare the city for climate change we need to plant more trees (they cool summer heat waves and reduce flooding and air pollution).

 University studies show that the more tree cover a city has, the healthier its residents are. Below are short descriptions of some of the things we are doing and are thinking of doing. We would love to hear your views and perhaps you would like to join the TreeForum to help?

Initiated by the Council, the Bristol TreeForum, is a growing group of volunteers. We meet quarterly either to hear a talk from a major organisation in the environmental field or to discuss Council and private initiatives to protect and plant trees. So far we have heard from UWE, ARUP and Bristol Water. Come to our next meeting: July 1st at 6pm (‘til 8pm) at City Hall. We are a friendly bunch. Contact our chair

Bristol TreeForum related projects:

1) Trees for Primary Schools. The Mayor wants each school child to plant a tree as part of his/her education. If you are a teacher (or even if you aren’t) and would like to get involved please contact Clive Stevens.

2) Street tree stump replacements. The council has a backlog of 800 tree stumps in our streets. They can’t afford to replace them but they are able to stop the backlog getting worse. We are looking for business sponsorship for a whole street or neighbourhood. It would bring the company positive local publicity and the knowledge that your trees will be bringing benefits for many decades to come.

3) The Council has its TreeBristol brand for planting in parks. So if you want to plant a tree in celebration or remembrance (no plaques) then TreeBristol might be the answer. Parks and allotments are ideal for fruit trees too.

4) Increasing tree cover also involves protecting our existing trees. For trees on private land this is governed by planning law which we feel is inadequate. We need to study latest legislation and possibly lobby the Mayor or our MPs for an improvement.

5) Many trees in parks and schools are iconic and loved by the community. Currently there is no system to make the Council consult with communities about funding the maintenance of older trees to keep them rather than simply fell
them for “health and safety” reasons. If we can introduce a delay it might be possible to raise the money for safety works. Do you wish to work withus on this?

6) We are trying to appoint volunteer “tree champions” to work in each neighbourhood to raise the profile of trees in local community decision making.