Two Bishopston Society committee members were shown round the Baths site on Sept 4th.

The Health Centre is beginning to take on its final appearance now that completion of the major internal structural changes to the Baths has taken place. The new first floor in particular is looking impressive. Here the new glazed rooflight is complete and the original cast iron roof trusses are fully exposed and painted, creating a very light and airy space for the waiting area and consulting and treatment rooms that are now being constructed at this level.

Set into the glazed roof are four large 'Midtherm' units which will control the temperature and flow of air inside the building using a natural ventilation system that operates without electrical fans, responding to data input from an external weather station which measures variables like wind speed, temperature, humidity. This information is continously transmitted to a computer within the ventilation units which open/close accordingly. This system is very energy efficient, and much greener than conventional air conditioning systems.

Radiators for the heating system are now in place, along with a major new gas supply from the basement to the new plant room, at the rear of the building above the old changing rooms. Most of the wiring and cabling has been laid and the personnel lift ,which has been shoe-horned into one of the original staircase towers has also been completed.  Work is well underway on the small single storey extensions to either side of the building.

Behind the hoardings the new Library is now coming out of the ground.  The concrete work for the main core of the building is taking shape and the floor slab for the new toilet has just been poured.

Below are two CGIs of the Health Centre's ground floor and first floor:


Ground floor showing the pharmacy area behind the glass wall and the original Baths cast iron pillars that have been incorporated into the building's design


First floor showing the glazed roof and support tresses with consultation rooms on the left and treatment rooms on the right