Residents’ Meeting with GCCC, 15th October 2013

Present: Will Brown – New Chief Executive GCCC
              Peter Hall – GCCC
              Jon Young – Galliford Try (Contractors)
              Cllr Daniella Radice
              19 residents.

Update on Building Works
•    Pavilion now open.
•    Residential flats to be finished July 2014.
•    First block of flats to be occupied December 2013.
•    The whole building envelope to be completed – no phasing as provided for in Planning Application in case of sales not progressing well.
•    Underground car park to be available from December 2013 for those who have purchased flats with a parking space.
•    Mound stand to be demolished/new Mound Stand to be built starting before Christmas 2013. New Mound Stand will be approx double the capacity of current one due to increased rake.
•    Seats also to be built in front of flats. Total permanent seat capacity just over 5,000.
•    (For One Day Internationals (ODIs) temporary seats will be put in front of Kennington Avenue and the Pavilion as previously.)
•    Scoreboard will be restored to previous position between flats and new Mound Stand in June/July 2014.
•    Main entrance to ground will shift from Grace Gates to arch in centre of flats by ODI England /India at end of August 2014 but probably sooner.

•    GCCC is proposing to apply for planning permission for permanent floodlights.
•    The ECB have told club that they will not be eligible for International Matches from 2019 onwards without these.
•    In addition there will be more T20 (Twenty-twenty) matches from 2014 – up to 7 per year – with 5 of these being played on Friday afternoon/evenings. If floodlights were in place these could be played later allowing them to start after potential spectators finish work and boosting club’s income.
•    Club envisages that floodlights would be used in total not more than 15 times a year – including allowing for 1 or 2 concerts.
•    There would be 4 or 6 lights around the ground – options to be looked at for positions.
•    The backwash of light disturbing residents should be less than that from temporary floodlights.
•    A consultation will be held when the club has proposals.
•    Ideally the club would like to install lights as soon as Christmas 2014.

Other Issues Raised
•    Lancashire Road residents raised the issues of noise from condenser unit at back of their properties. Club looking at acoustic occlusion for this. Also the loudspeakers and CCTV cameras in the area. Club will ensure CCTV not used and will try to isolate loudspeaker.
•    Floodlighting of residential building site causing some annoyance at night – Jon Young will see if this can be reduced.
•    Digital clock very bright at night. Club will see if it can be turned down.
•    For ODIs much of car parking at college end will be used for TV units. Important to push Park and Ride, other possible offsite parking, public transport.
•    Transport - for all events – clear signage urgently needed for car parks to avoid traffic circulating in area.
•    GCCC website must have clear comprehensive information on public transport alternatives.
•    Club is applying to hold events before Christmas which will run beyond the usual closing time of 11.45pm. Nine of these advertised – not all may go ahead. There may be a few other late events eg weddings in the summer.
•    If these (or other events) cause unreasonable noise or nuisance residents should contact Bristol City Council Pollution Control (0117 922 2500) so these can be logged for future licence reviews. The club will also be providing a contact number for the duty manager for more immediate redress. We would suggest BOTH should be used.
•    Will Brown emphasised that GCCC is keen to develop its community programme with local schools, young people in deprived areas and other groups, both because this is worthwhile in its own right and because it is looked on favourably by the ECB when awarding matches.
•    He will also look to see whether there are ways in which the club can benefit local residents who have put up with the disruption of the building activities etc
•    Updates on issues can be provided via HowZat? (mailing list/website), GCCC website, notice boards at either end of the ground.