Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement in England reports: "This week over 4,000 enquiries have been submitted by communities across the country, in order to find out about having local facilities listed as 'assets of community value'.

This has resulted in 774 nominations being made with 558 becoming "community assets". Civic groups including Rotherham, Bedford Park and the Peckham Society have all been involved in nominating assets from their local areas.

There is a huge breadth and variety in the types of asset listed, including pubs, libraries, green space, sports facilities, football grounds, shops, churches, hospitals, town halls and barracks to name a few, but, is 4,000 enquiries really something to celebrate? Surely we should be talking about 40,000 enquiries due to the strength of this new power? Surely every civic society should be nominating local assets?"

You can find out more about 'assets of community value' and how to identify them, report them, get them listed and even buy them (as a community) at: