Below are three topics taken from the recent e-news from local Lib Dem councillors, Fi Hance and Sylvia Townsend.

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The Arches
You may have noticed that the loos by the Arches are looking rather smarter these days!  Local volunteers organised a community payback scheme to paint over the tagging that has blighted the building and add a coating which should make any future tagging easier to clean off.  Unfortunately, the stone has been so damaged by the environment and previous cleaning that a further power wash wasn’t possible.  Let’s hope it stays smart!
Below are

The Prom                                                         
Work has now begun on the Prom using a central Government grant to replace the existing bus stops with one large shelter, replace the sustainable Bishopston noticeboard and alter the parking in response to shoppers and traders comments.  The trees there have also been removed, which does seem to be a shame, but several of them were diseased and they are being replaced in November with new limes in improved tree pits, which should mean that they will thrive much better than the last ones, which were struggling.  Officers have also been working hard with traders to reduce and consolidate the bins that have been such an eyesore

St Andrews Park
Anti social behaviour is an ongoing issue, but our local police have been making great efforts over the summer to curb the worst excesses.  We were told it couldn’t be done, but our beat officer Kevin actually managed to secure a prosecution for weeing in the park!  I apologise to those who may be less interested in such matters, but for those of us who have been involved, this really feels like a landmark case!
On a related note, many thanks to the Friends of St Andrews Park for the wonderful new painting of the toilets. This was carried out by local artist Gregor Minto and has an anti graffiti coating which should hopefully make removing any future tags easier.