'Logo previewClose the Door’ started in Cambridge but the Campaign has now become a national initiative. Its aim is a simple one: to get retailers to stop leaving their doors open. This common practice results in

 a great wastage of energy, both in winter when central heating has to work much harder to replace the heat lost through the open door and in summer when air conditioning has to be increased to compensate for cool air being lost to the outside.

This squandering of energy is of course a significant contributor to the unnecessary production of CO2 which is one of the main contributors responsible for global warming.

 The Campaign employs the following strategies to achieve its aim:

  • Directly approaches shops, restaurants and national chains, and invite them to join the campaign
  • Gives individual retailers, branch managers and head offices the necessary information to help support their decision to join, including information on environmental impact and advice to ensure footfall is not reduced
  • Supplies stickers for doors or windows, allowing consumers to easily recognise and support participating retailers
  • Raises awareness of the issue and provides positive publicity for participating retailers through web, local and national media campaigns
  • Monitors shops and restaurants throughout the year

Bristol is one of eight towns and cities that are now operating their own local campaigns. The Bristol campaign, only begun in December 2010, is led by Phil Holtam with students from the Bristol University Sustainability Team and Sue Pollard from Sustainable Redland.  It has the support of Bristol City Council’s Green Capital Momentum Group.

The Campaign has already had considerable success in Bishopston, Cotham, Redland and Kingsdown.  Participating retailers along the Gloucester Road so far are:

Playful Toyshop
La Ruca
Recent Interiors
Cancer Research UK and St Peter’s Hospice

More news and details about the Close the Door Campaign as well as a full list of all Bristol retailers who have agreed to keep their doors closed can be found at http://www.closethedoor.org.uk