A new adult evening class is to be run in Bishopston, for Bishopston residents, called 'Make your home an EcoHome.' 
Community group, Sustainable Bishopston, has been successful in winning a grant from the local Neighbourhood Partnership to offer this course to local residents.  

It will run over 6 weeks in the evening – most likely Mondays from 28th February, until April 4th [ending before the school Easter holiday starts], and is designed to demystify home energy and enable people in the area to save energy, money and carbon at home. 

It’s practical, accessible for ordinary people, designed to help everyone find their own answers to useful questions like: how can I deal with rising prices, draughty older homes, and respond to climate change, and take steps that suit my lifestyle and help me to save energy?

It’s a tried and tested course, tailored to local needs, and was developed with the city’s CREATE Centre. Feedback has been really positive, helping previous participants develop their own projects, gain confidence to talk to professional installers, and make almost immediate savings at home, so Bishopston residents are lucky to be the first to get a local version in our area of the city. 

It will cover: 
•     how can I understand my energy use and needs better?
•     what choice of insulation is there for inside and outside use, and the pros and cons of each type?
•     where can I get help and advice?
•     what renewable energy choices do I have in my house?

Many of the issues explored in this structured programme are suitable for everyone, whether they own or rent a home, though some of the major opportunities for upgrading homes will suit owners better. There are lots of ideas for no-cost and low cost ways to save energy. 

The programme is tailored to typical homes in the area, and will meet the needs of people with little previous technical knowledge. It’s designed to be hands-on, as interactive and user-centred as possible, and so expect some interesting tasks to take home with you each week; enthusiasm not expertise is what counts! 

It’s being presented by a locally-based initiative called "MakeyourhomeEco" - with co-facilitators Maddy and Martin. Martin opened his own home in St Andrews as part of September’s Bristol Green Doors open house initiative. Thanks to the grant, some places may be reserved for people who qualify for concessions (usual adult education criteria apply) and for older residents who are retired. 

To get more details of the course as soon as these are available and to ask to reserve a place (subject to numbers and payment) please email your name and address plus any request for concessions asap, to . You’ll get details of the proposed programme, dates, and the cost.

There are also plans to offer a similar course in Redland for residents of that ward. Both will also be advertised on our Gloucester Road noticeboards.

Martin Fodor 
MakeyourhomeEco / Sustainable Bishopston