GCCClightsHOWZAT have circulated the latest letter from GCCC about their floodlight plans.
We understand that the planning application has been delayed until later in September.

 GCCC said  :-

As you may be aware, we recently held three exhibitions to ask for the public’s views on our plans to install six permanent floodlights around the ground.  The floodlights are essential for our bid to host the Cricket World Cup in 2019 and other major matches in the cricketing calendar.

The exhibitions were attended by around 70 local residents. The exhibition included images of the plans and the surrounding area, and also included a computer model that allowed residents to see what their view would be like from their house with the floodlights installed. The exhibitions highlighted some concerns from our neighbours regarding the height and position of the lights, anti-social behaviour and also traffic management. We are committed to responding to feedback as much as we can before the plans are submitted to the City Council.

Local residents expressed concerns about the lights and we aimed to give them as much information in order for them to better understand their installation. The height of the lights is specific to the task they are required to do in terms of accurately lighting the playing surface whilst causing minimal light spillage to the surrounding area. We explained to visitors that a reduction in height would bring the lights closer to residential properties and the lighting head would create more dense shadows as well as blocking views.

As well as allowing us to bid for the Cricket World Cup, fixed floodlights could allow us to start our occasional Friday evening matches at a later time (potentially 7.00pm rather than 5.30pm), which should help ease traffic congestion around peak travel times.  Matches very rarely go beyond 10.00pm, but just in case they do, we will be asking for permission to keep the lights on until 11.00pm.  The lights would be dimmed after a match around 10pm to allow spectators to leave the ground safely before being switched off by11.00pm.  We have included a schedule which gives an indication as to the number of times floodlights would have been used this year had they already been installed.  (They would have been used 8 times during the 2014 season.)

In terms of responding to traffic concerns, we can confirm that we will be increasing stewarding on selected match days and have already provided Bristol City Council with funding to improve traffic conditions around the ground. We also have an agreement with bus service provider First and promote all the service routes to encourage alternative travel to matches. We plan on holding a travel road show at the ground to make visitors more aware of alternative forms of transport and will be improving our cycle rack provision. A traffic management plan is also in place with Bristol City Council and they will be making improvements to road junctions, pedestrian access and bus stops in the area. Finally, the opening of the official main entrance to the ground at the Ashley Down Road end should ease traffic around the Grace gate on Nevil Road.