The Howzat Campaign Group has sent us the following, most up to date information on the proposed floodlight planning application for the cricket ground.  (The earlier article on our website on the flood lighting and our response to the application can be seen here)

After a significant delay due to technical problems, there is now some information on light spill.........

.......from the proposed floodlights in the published planning documents here  (Floodlighting Design Assessment and Sheet 30 of the Detailed Lighting Assessment Sheets)


However, the Floodlight Design Assessment is very vague and there is no explanation or analysis of the data on the Lighting Assessment Sheets, which makes them virtually incomprehensible to the average lay person. We have protested about this to the Planning Department, who are taking further advice.
We have suggested, on the attached leaflet, a condition you could ask for which would require the light spill to comply with recognised guidance from the Institute of Lighting Professionals, see:  obtrusive light guidance  other recognised guidance. (This has been used at other Cricket Grounds).

The GCCC planning documents state that the permanent floodlights will result in less light spill than the temporary floodlights which have been used in the past. Unfortunately the permanent floodlights are likely to be used significantly more often, and we therefore think that it is important that local residents should be protected from obtrusive light.

HowZat? Residents’ Group. November 2014