In December 2010 the Government launched a National Tree Planting Campaign - the ‘Big Tree Plant’, which aims to plant a million trees over 4 years, and is coming to Bristol.

The campaign is focused on community based tree planting in streets, school grounds and other publicly accessible green spaces. The Forest of Avon Trust is working in partnership with TreeBristol (Bristol City Council), the Woodland Trust and Trees for Cities, to prepare a grant bid as part of the Big Tree Plant to increase tree planting across the city. The focus is on areas of lower tree cover and higher deprivation but all areas can be included. The bid is due to be submitted in August so we are on a tight timescale.

We are working with community groups and interested individuals throughout Bristol so get in touch if you want to work with us to increase tree planting in your area - on streets, green spaces or anywhere in your neighbourhood where the public will benefit.

We also require match funding so any suggestions would be welcomed. For more information please contact Emma Whitaker, Big Tree Plant Bid Co-ordinator at the Forest of Avon Trust on 0117 963 3383 or .

Tree planting provides many benefits including:-

  • Well being: They give character and a sense of place and history to our neighbourhoods
  • Road safety: Tree-lined streets improve the attention of drivers encouraging slower driving
  • Environmental: Trees act as large full time air filters, giving us cleaner air
  • Wildlife: Trees are an important food source for birds and they provide homes for a wide-range of wildlife, bringing nature to our doorstep
  • Economic benefits: Property values are higher in tree-lined streets compared to similar streets without trees.

Forest of Avon Trust

The local charity for trees, working closely with communities to get more trees planted and to improve existing woodlands:


Part of Bristol City Council, TreeBristol was established to plant thousands of new trees in the city:

The Woodland Trust

National charity promoting woodlands and native trees:

Trees for Cities

National charity working with local communities on tree planting projects in urban areas: