The Howzat Campaign Group have sent us the following update on the proposed floodlight planning application for the cricket ground.

Those of you who have made comments on the GCCC Floodlight Application will now have received another letter from Development Management at the Council.

 This indicates that further information is available about light spillage, alternative floodlighting options which have been considered, sustainability and confirmation that there will be no aircraft warning lights on the floodlights.

 The letter also invites further comments on the application by 31st December!


 I have spoken to Katy Dryden, the planning officer today and can confirm the following:

  • The new information still represents light spill as a series of numbers on various diagrams. There is no analysis or explanation to make it interpretable by the general public. However Pollution Control at the council are analysing this and their report will be uploaded to the council website when it is available - hopefully before Christmas. 

  • Although the letter states that the closing date for comments is 31st December comments can still be integrated into the officer's report if received by 6th January 2015. Comments received after this but before the Planning Committee (probably 4th February 2015) will be reported in the committee papers, but may not influence the officer's report. 

  • Any comments already made on this application will be carried over and do not need to be made again.

We will contact you again when the Pollution Control report is available, so that you may comment further if you wish .

Documents about the application can be seen here.