floodlights 3

GCCC FLOODLIGHTING 14/05030/F -  Proposed installation of 6 no. 45m tall permanent floodlights.

Further to our earlier comments on this application submitted on 10th November 2014  (here )–we would like to make further comments following the issue of two documents:

1.A Report on the light spill prepared by Bristol city council Environmental Health
2 A leaflet about the 365 days a year visual impact on the immediate area of the 45m high floodlights with visual illustrations


The Environmental Health report confirms that the floodlights will create light levels at some properties (particularly Kennington Avenue and Lancashire Road) which are far in excess of ECB standards – by a factor of as much as 8-16 times. We consider that this is not acceptable and that mitigation measures should be put in place BEFORE any planning permission is granted.

We support the proposal in this report that, should a permission be granted, the following conditions should be imposed:

- That the lights should only be used for competitive cricket
- That the lights should only be used a maximum of 15 times per year
- That the lights should not be used between 23.00 pm and 10.00 am


We are extremely concerned about the visual impact of these 45m high lighting standards with their 8m x 8m light heads on the immediate area and the Ashley Down Conservation Area in particular.  We are also concerned that this visual impact was not covered in the planning application for reasons obvious

We consider that the consultation period was too short and that the agreed cut off date immediately after the two week Christmas period has meant that many local residents have not been able to register their concerns.