Further to our earlier comments, we note that the proposals for floodlighting have been further researched and the following conclusions reached :

          - Alternatives for retractable and removable heads and hinging masts are not considered feasible

         - There is no alternative to 6no. masts 45m high

         - Rounded rather than rectangular heads have been proposed which is an improvement


However, the following matters remain outstanding:

      - Light spill over adjacent properties has not been resolved and this is critical for the amenity and wellbeing of local residents.

         - The maximum number of 15 days per year and the ‘turn off’ times would need to be enforced by means of a planning condition

         - The Travel Plan is also not fully resolved. This is critical to avoid disruption and inconvenience to local residents


Despite the adjustments to the design as above, we agree with the view held by the BCC Landscape Officer that the floodlights will detract from the listed buildings of the Ashley Down Conservation Area, by force of their height and size and the prominent position of the cricket ground.


We therefore recommend refusal.