The Bishopston Society welcomes you to the Bishopston area in Bristol.  Our area has accommodated university students for many years. We hope you will enjoy your time here.

You will be living in an area that was mainly built towards the end of the 19th century and the early part of the last century. Today it is home to the full range of city dwellers, including the elderly, families with young children and those working unsocial hours.

Experience has shown that the different lifestyles of permanent residents and students can cause friction. This is particularly likely to occur in densely built up areas such as this with narrow streets, terraced houses and small gardens, where noise affects many homes.  Another factor is the number of student homes in the area. They unfortunately attract crime, particularly theft – so please take care of your possessions.

The Society draws your attention to some aspects that have been causing problems:

Noise, particularly late at night, is a major problem for residents, many of whose working days start early or have children to get to school. Loud music and other noise from inside the house and through open windows and from gardens, loud conversations in the street late at night have all have caused serious nuisance.
Residents do not expect 'the peace of the countryside', just neighbourly consideration. However, the law provides remedies where the 'peaceful enjoyment' of homes is prevented, for example by late night parties.

. Bristol comprehensive recycling service needs a little study.  Full information, including collection dates for different types of refuse, is available on or ask your neighbours.  Litter, overfilled bins, sacks of rubbish, refuse put out on the wrong day will not be collected and make the street look squalid. They also create a health risk.

The pavements
are used by families with pushchairs and the infirm. Please keep them clear by taking your bins in after they have been emptied.  If there is not enough space to store your bins, please take this up with your landlord and/or the Council.

Parking. Bristol University recommends that you do not bring a car to Bristol because of the parking problems and in support of the City Council's environmental policy.

Local amenities
: the shops on the Gloucester Road. A lot of these shops are independent and sell a wide variety of goods.

Green spaces
: St Andrew's Park, Horfield Common and Redland Green; and of course we are not too far from the Downs.



Bristol University and UWE have a Bristol Neighbours website which includes a section on ‘How to be a really good neighbour’. The University and Council are also coordinating responses to noise complaints involving students, and the Council hopes to implement on the spot fines for some noise incidents in the autumn. Once again the University has funded extra collections of student rubbish.

We are grateful to the University for recognising that there are problems and for taking action.