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This is the latest Street scene 'newsletter' from Liz Kew:

Hard to believe it is September on Friday. I hope you have all had a good summer and ready for some Street Scene work this autumn.


1. Pay and display machines: We are urgently in need of more volunteers who are prepared to remove graffiti tags from Pay and Display machines. BWC do not clean these machines and although in theory they can be reported for cleaning by BCC Parking Services; in practise this does not get prioritised and done. The graffiti removal spray is easy to use and no real training needed but initially we do work with new recruits to make sure they are happy with the process.

2. New students in the Community . A reminder that it makes a huge difference if students are welcomed to a road and told about waste collections and recycling. Like last year we have “ welcome student flyers “ available and this year we have waste collection calendars as well. The Universities do not start their door knocking programme until late September or October which may mean it is several weeks before students have the necessary information. If you would like some leaflets then please contact us or come to a drop in session.

3. New tree and pavement tagger. We have a nuisance tagger spraying “ I love you” around the area. Initially one smiles but that soon disappears when yet another tree is tagged and there are numerous tags on pavements. We are having difficulty spotting them if in a car or on a bike. Since the principle of keeping a lid on tagging is to remove it as quickly as possible we need your help. Please if you see any tags on pavement please can you contact us asap and tell us exactly where.

4. Changes to meeting and action hour dates and times. At the August BCR Street Scene business meeting it was agreed to change how and when the core group met with Officers and Councillors.

The Facebook page has allowed us to share with each other and Councillors what is happening day to day and has done away with the need for a monthly report of actions.

So the “ Businesses meeting” has changed to bi-monthly on a Thursday at the Gloucester Old Spot but at a slightly later time of 10 am . If any of the volunteers would like to attend these meeting please contact either Rob or myself.

The new drop in sessions at the Bishopston Library have proved useful as they are informal with no set agenda. It gives volunteers who do not follow us on Facebook an opportunity to talk to us face to face and for us to hear what volunteers have been doing and to help with any street scene issues .

The action hours have been good and will be repeated but will in future be the 4th not 3rd Saturday of each month.

Bi monthly core group meetings 2nd Thursday at 10 am Glos. Old Spot Kellaway Av. From Oct 12th

Bi monthly drop in sessions 2nd Monday at 4.30 – 6 pm Bishopston Library From Sept 4th

Action hour 4th Saturday monthly Place and time to be agreed nearer to date From Sept 23rd

Hope to see some of you on Monday (Sept 4th ) any time between 4.30 and 6 pm in the meeting room of Bishopston Library


Liz Kew

Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Street Scene Volunteer Group