Recent Gloucester Road Surveys show that many people feel we should have more than one public toilet along the "longest shopping street in Europe"  but it is not well known that Local Authorities do not have to provide Public Toilets, which is a concern in this time of cutbacks.

The National Situation

The law currently allows, but does not compel Local Authorities to provide toilets. The situation is worsening with 40% of Public Toilets having been closed in the last decade.

Some good reasons for getting the law changed to make Public Toilet provision compulsory:

  • Many people lead restricted lives because they cannot rely on access to a Public Toilet in the places and at the times required
  • There are rarely sufficient toilets for women, resulting in lengthy queues
  •  elderly and disabled people cannot always find accessible toilets
  • provision for babies and children is inadequate
  • many toilets shut at inconvenient times
  • Lack of toilets can lead to street fouling, a major public health issue and a practice that is prevalent in the Gloucester Road at night
  • "Community toilets" (toilets in private business premises) do not meet everyone's needs
  • Good public toilet provision will enable everyone to participate fully in civic life and will attract visitors and boost local economies
We want a law requiring Local Authorities to provide and maintain suitable, safe, clean and appropriately located Public Toilets with realistic opening hours.

If you agree with this and would like to see the law changed, please read and consider signing  the epetiton  at