Berkeley road trees2Recent concerns about Bristol Trees in Crisis have been complemented by  better news on trees in Bishopston, thanks to local community efforts affecting two of our tree-lined streets.

Following our November report on the crowd-sourced funding attempt to rescue eight diseased trees on Longmead Avenue, it's now been announced that enough money has been raised to enable this project to go ahead. The organisers are, furthermore, talking about upping the target to nine or ten trees. Details are on their JustGiving page.

And in a similar development, the organisers of an appeal to replace eight large street trees on Berkeley Road has been declared as a "success - we're fully funded" on their separate JustGiving page.

These successes follow the push by Bristol Tree Forum to support Bristol City Council's "Tree Bristol" tree sponsorship scheme.

Setting this in the context of the austerity agenda and cuts in council finance, some might wonder whether voluntary community effort is sustainable in the long term. But it clearly highlights the potential of "a great green blob" of environmentally-aware locals who care sufficiently about the environment to take matters into their own hands.

See more on this by Patrick Barkham, Guardian, 19 July 2017, and the Fabian Society report published the same day.