P1070423 Copy CopyBristol City Council is putting the running of park cafes out to tender. This would mean the unique, locally owned and very popular cafe in St Andrews Park would no longer be allowed to operate there.

All communities need a centre or focus and for St Andrews Park, this is the café, which has consistently served our community well since 2006. Due to this commitment, the local community including The Friends, councillors and church all support and back the Tea Garden as it is. It is impossible to include in the proposed tender process what the present café contributes to the park community. There is an annual Halloween party fund raising for CLIC and Fay attends Friends Of St Andrews Park meetings.

Pride is taken in good service and delivering homemade food using good quality ingredients at reasonable prices. The majority of sales are served on reusable china as opposed to single use cups. The opening hours are tailored to the wishes of the customers.

It is more than just running a café or becoming another branch of a chain and we want the Council to hear the strength of local feeling.

The petition can be signed here