Saturday, June 23rd's  'Guardian' had an article: 'Caffeine Hit: Britons get the coffee habit.' It looks at the recent phenomenon of the growing popularity of visiting coffee shops for socialising and a caffeine kick:-

"Coffee shops are taking over high streets up and down the country.  Holloway Road, north London boasts the most at 24, followed by 23 along the Gloucester Road, Bristol, according to the Local Data Company." 

Costa Coffee, perhaps not surprisingly, given the aggressive tactics it has employed locally in Bristol (and presumably across the country) has the highest number of outlets in the UK with 1,342 outlets (40.4% of the market share) compared with a mere 743 (30.7%) for Starbucks.  And Costa still plans to open another 350 stores in the next 9 months!!

One might have thought the Gloucester Road was therefore reaching coffee saturation point, but with no apparent  end in sight to this rising level of 'addiction', it is perhaps not too unexpected to learn of the following planning application that has recently been received by the Council: 

Site Address:  35 Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8AD

Proposal:  Change of use from Use Class D2 (derelict amusement arcade) to Use Class A3 (Restaurant/Cafe) and associated external alterations.