"Opportunities are improving for cafes and restaurants to deal with their food waste in a more effective and environmentally responsible manner as new food waste processing facilities are developed locally," says Martin Fodor, Co Founder of 'MakeyourhomeEco'

Martin goes on to say:

"As one of the leading destinations in Bristol for local cafes and eating out, the Gloucester Road is well placed to benefit from this.  I  reported in the May edition of 'Bristol Local Food Update' on a recent survey of cafe and restaurant food waste."

The report on Exploring Food Waste Potential - compiled by Martin Fodor and a colleague - from a survey of Stokes Croft, looked at food waste and other catering wastes that arise in the majority of cafes and restaurants along the street.

Key findings included the enthusiasm of the staff and businesses for responsible waste management and the existing, patchy arrangements to deal with food waste. Risks from unofficial food waste collections were mentioned, as each business has a Duty of Care for its wastes.

Working together as a cluster of nearby businesses with food waste could ensure better service and lower costs and take advantage of new facilities in the city. The opportunity to explore a co-ordinated approach was discussed with traders in Stokes Croft recently. Gloucester Road cafes and restaurants could also be part of a new arrangement and the larger the opt-in the better in terms of possible benefits. This project fits well with a similar study that's just been carried out in Harbourside by Bristol Green Capital, too. Martin is now working with them to take this further, supported by a volunteer.

The opportunity to benefit from an area solution and work with a preferred waste collection partner was positively received and the traders' meeting agreed to a follow up event aimed at the cafes and restaurants, exploring their needs and how to progress the idea.

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