It has been shown that if a community works together to improve an area, there are longer lasting improvements to that area than would be achieved if the Council works alone.

In 2011, the Neighbourhood Partnership set up and funded a Gloucester Road Streetscene group to operate for two years.  The group includes local Redland and Bishopston councillors, council officers, the Neighbourhood policing team and residents.

Recently Gloucester Road Traders Association (GRTA) has been working even more closely with the NP Gloucester Rd Streetscene and strategic groups. The NP Streetscene group has been successful in its aims of reducing the unsightly effects of flyposting and graffiti tagging, particularly on empty shops. It is now focusing on tackling waste issues - bins on streets, fly tipping and litter.  

The GRTA has recently secured £10,000 from the Government’s Portas programme for local high streets to help carry out some of their ideas to improve the Gloucester Road. The GRTA are meeting to discuss how best to spend this money.
GRTA and the Streetscene group are already planning for next summer. The Neighbourhood Partnership has granted £2000 to go towards having hanging baskets on the lampposts along the road. Bristol City Council Nurseries will plant up the baskets, fix the brackets to the lampposts and water then from June to October.
GRTA and the Gloucester Road Streetscene group are looking for partners from the community to form a small working group that will help decide a colour theme for the baskets and help to raise additional sponsorship and donations from companies, traders, shoppers and community groups to provide hanging baskets along the whole of the shopping area.
If you would be willing to help with this project or have any questions about the work of the GRTA or the Streetscene group, contact the GRTA committee at: