The 20 mph zone proposals, which include Gloucester Road and surrounding residential streets, are now open for consultation (until 15th August).

 Details are here: and also on display in local and central libraries since last week.

Planned implementation in this area is October / November 2013

Comments and feedback can be sent to (until 15th August when consultation ends).

The inclusion of Gloucester Road might be contentious and probably people who are against it will be more vocal than those who support the proposals. Here are some suggested reasons why 20 mph for Gloucester Road would be a good idea:

  •    Improved safety of cyclists (this is a busy cycle route)
  •    Improved safety of shoppers and leisure users (regular need to cross the road between shops; pavements often congested with people, push-chairs, wheel-chairs, A-boards, cafes/shops, street furniture which can cause pedestrians to step out into the road)
  •    Reduction of levels of congestion, air pollution and noise pollution in the densely populated surrounding areas. For many commuters there are viable alternative routes north of the city, including the M32; making the A38 less convenient for them should take some of the traffic away to these alternative routes and by doing so would reduce congestion and the associated accidents and air/noise pollution.
  •   Reduced congestion will help buses on this busy bus corridor more able to run on time, further reducing the need/demand for private cars. Reduction of congestion could also help reduce demand for rat-runs in surrounding residential streets.