The Delmonico restaurant is finally 'closing' after 13 years, though it will be merging with (or swallowed by?) the apparently more successful Zazu's Kitchen, just up the road. The seemingly endless openings of new eating places on the Gloucester Road in the last few years has perhaps finally reached saturation point.

 There is an interesting website which documents the historical changes in the types and numbers of traders on the Gloucester Road, 'The Gloucester Road Story'. If one searches in the section 'Businesses' on this site, and selects the category 'Eating', the numbers of such premises on the Gloucester Road is recorded approximately each decade from 1890 to 2011. From 1950 when there were five, the increase has been almost exponential, with 42 listed for 2011, and this figure must now surely approach or even exceed 50 or so 'eateries'.

There is much more to be discovered in the data displayed on The Gloucester Road Story website and it represents a fascinating source of information for sociological analysis.