Some of our readers may have seen an article in the recent ‘Bishopston Voice’ about local artist, Tim Foster who has drawn all the buildings along the stretch of the Gloucester road running from Sommerville Road to Zetland Road.

This long strip of art work, detailing the interesting architecture of many of these buildings, has been converted by Tim into a print, which is now for sale.

While over half the money raised from sales of the print will go to three charities, the remainder will cover production costs. The charities are Shelter, Greenpeace and one helping in the reconstruction effort in Chile after tsunami damage. The local Gloucester Road shops supporting this initiative, where copies of the print can be bought, are Shelter, Harvest (for Greenpeace) and La Ruca (for the Chilean charity). Copies are also available at Room 212 art gallery.

       Tim's printgloucsrddrawing

It is no coincidence that the section of the Gloucester Road which Tim has chosen to draw, contains some very interesting architecture. Indeed, the stretch from Zetland Road to Overton Road has been recognised as sufficiently outstanding in terms of its architectural quality and variety that it has been designated by Bristol City Council as a Conservation Area.

A recent ‘Our Place’ survey, initiated by the Bishopston Society, looked closely at the stretch of the Gloucester Road between Overton Road and Sommerville Road. See:

'Our Place' survey

As a result, it has identified sufficient numbers of buildings of architectural worth, for the Council now to be seriously considering extending the Conservation Area from Overton Road to as far as Sommerville Road.