The 'Clean Up the Gloucester Road Project'  continues to make progress across several fronts. Here is a short summary of recent achievements, largely made by volunteers, and some plans for the immediate future :

Help needed in the next month.  If you are interested in volunteering in any way to help in this project ,please contact:   Bishospston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership - Gloucester Road Task Group at:

1.    Flyposting:    All the glued posters are being left untouched at the moment as there is a two week, city-wide fly posting enforcement action taking place. From Monday September 26th cleaning these up can commence again.  
Good progress has been made in the clean-up campaign, but with students now coming back, a lot more posters can be expected to appear.  It has just about been possible to clear all the posters by the end of each day but more volunteers would be very useful, especially anyone who can use water to remove poster and glue.  If  anyone might like to help with removing glued posters please, see contact address below.

2.     A meeting about parking and loading restrictions is being organised with the traders (from the top of Pigsty Hill upwards).  Help in delivering these invite letters to the traders when they are ready would be welcome.  

3.    Access/facilities for the elderly and disabled people. Do these need to be improved along the road?   If you have views and ideas on how these might be improved, contact ***.

At the last Gloucester Road task group meeting a senior manager in charge of enforcement for both street scene and planning attended. Following discussions about club license conditions etc. he will be convening a meeting with a senior police officer, licensing committee and enforcement to see what joint efforts can be made to curb fly posting as a method for clubs advertising.

Pigsty Hill shops development.    Two weeks ago the Community Pay Back Team (probation service) did a good job painting over all the posters and graffiti here.  A new volunteer, who lives in the Oaks and overlooks the site, has agreed to report if or when new posters or graffiti appear. 

Graffiti on shutters.  Two sita men have started painting /cleaning shutters.  They are providing some additional help for a limited time, an extra hour most days from 5.30am.  They will also help with removing posters first thing in the morning.

This autumn/winter, the sections targeted as primarily keeping clean of new graffiti are from the Arches to  the end of the Promenade (Meridian Terrace) and from Hatherley to Longmead Ave.  
Please don’t assume I have seen new graffiti, do drop me an email.

Ex Co-op ( 281 Gloucester Road) - The posters will be removed and the hoardings painted blue and  an anti-graffiti coating applied . This should be Sunday Sept 25th

Ex Amusement arcade (35 Glos Rd).  Unfortunately the owners had to re-board the shop to comply with their insurance.  The new hoarding will be repainted blue again soon.

Bristol Independents Day
is taking place on 17 September.  Details of the campaign can be found at . Gloucester Road shops are taking part in the day.
The Bristol Food Network, in partnership with the Bristol Food Policy Council, the Bristol Green Capital, Bristol City Council and Destination Bristol, is launching an Independents campaign to highlight the city’s diverse independent retail sector and vibrant high streets.  

It has been agreed that the Project and its need for more volunteers would benefit from more publicity. So Jenny Dean (Safer Bristol) is going to organise a session with the Police and Council press officers to which hopefully others like the Bishopston society newsletter editor will be invited.