This walk, organised by the Bristol Civic Society is led by Eugene Byrne, a journalist, author and historian who has lived in Bristol for 30 years.

May 27th, 10am-12am. Members £2, non-members £6

TO BOOK: tel 0117 9621801
The impact of German bombing on Bristol, particularly the six major air raids over the winter of 1940-41 is beginning to slip from memory now. Yet it was the most traumatic experience that Bristol endured since the Civil War, with 1,299 people losing their lives and countless others being injured or driven from their homes. Not only that, but the Luftwaffe also destroyed much of the heart of the old city, dramatically changing the character of Bristol for ever. This walk around central Bristol looks at some significant locations associated with the Blitz and its legacy, via several digressions and bizarre tales.