A new Bristol City Council interactive website has been designed to allow people to discover about their local Bristol neighbourhoods using historic maps and images.

In addition, they will be able to upload relevant historical information they may have, so this can, after validation, be incorporated into the data available on the website.
This scheme has been achieved with the help of local volunteers including local historians Andy Buchan, John Hyde and Denis Wright of Bishopston, Horfield and Ashley Down Local History Society and David Cemlyn and Maureen of Friends of St Andrews Park.
The project is called ‘Know your Place - Learning and Sharing Information about Historic Bristol’ and has been made possible by funding from English Heritage and the City Design Group at BCC in partnership with the Geographic Information Services and Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives.
Any user of the website can now have instant access to historical maps and other materials that were previously only available by visiting Bristol’s museums archives. More can be found out about the project at:


 English Heritage also has information about the project nationally at: