A local community group, Let's Walk Bishopston, has researched, developed and published a series of attractive local walking maps.

Whether walking for pleasure, for health or for another purpose, these walking maps help you find your way around Bishopston via as many off-road or quieter routes as possible.

northbristolThe collection comprises seven route maps and a "master map" which summarises all seven, and the series has now been extended.

The extension map, "Let's Walk North Bristol", emerges from a project called "Walk Your Way to Health", and features routes from Bishopston GP surgeries to Southmead Hospital, plus an "access fitness" route made up of three linked loops.

As you will see, each item in the series is accessibly laid out, with directions and notes about local landmarks, etc., and helpful guidance on suitability.

Published in PDF format via the links below, these maps may be viewed here or downloaded for later study.

Map # Title/link Distance
1 pdfHorfield Common and Bishopston (circular)
1.5 km
2 pdfHorfield Common to The Arches 1.7 km
pdfMontelier Station to the Gloucester Road Library 1.2 km
4 pdfHorfield Common to St Andrews Park 1.6 km
pdfMuller Road to Gloucester Road Library 1.6 km
6 pdfSt Andrews Park to Ashley Down Green 0.9 km
7 pdfSt Andrews Park around Concorde Way and back ("lollipop") 2.3 km
Master pdfMaster map summarising all seven walks above N/A
New extension pdfLet's Walk North Bristol (best printed on A3 and folded) Various


The project was supported by BCRNP (now BCRCP), Travelwest, Doctor Jazz Charitable Fund and North Bristol NHS Trust.

We are grateful to the project teams for their permission to reproduce the maps here. See https://bcrcp.org.uk/wywth/ for queries and further information.

See also https://www.facebook.com/Lets-Walk-Bishopston-538933239580683/ and https://twitter.com/WalkBishopston.