As the holiday season approaches, we can expect even more of a buzz around Bishopston, with high spirits and revelry percolating through the neighbourhood - especially up and down the Gloucester Road, an area particularly well served by bars, restaurants, and  food/alcohol outlets of different kinds.

   Civic Voice, the national charity for the civic movement in England reports: "This week over 4,000 enquiries have been submitted by communities across the country, in order to find out about having local facilities listed as 'assets of community value'.

After 53 years, the Cheltenham Road Library is closing.

Last year the Council issued the press statement below about leaves and drains which may be worth repeating again this year.

Rose Boswell gives her account of this recent walk organised by 'Sustainable Bishopston':


 Residents’ Meeting with GCCC, 15th October 2013

This will involve the felling of the existing Plane trees, considered to be in an unhealthy state.

The new website of the Gloucester Road Traders' Association reports on the Traders' plan

Two Bishopston Society committee members were shown round the Baths site on Sept 4th.

Anti-social and nuisance behaviour, although not common in St Andrews Park, has become an increasing problem in the summer months, particularly for those living on the roads immediately adjacent to the park.