Photos submitted so far

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What are we watching and why

What's good? What's bad? What can we do? We're looking out for what's affecting air pollution in and around Bishopston. 

Share a photo of whatever you spot, help raise community awareness and let people know that we're noticing what they're doing to the air we all breathe.

Do you agree with the photos in our album so far? What's the evidence? What's the alternative?

It could be as simple as asking people to change their behaviour. Maybe they don't know that what they're doing is causing air pollution. Maybe they don't know that anyone has noticed or that anyone cares. Maybe they don't know that there's a better alternative.

If someone knows that people notice who is making an effort to reduce their contribution to air pollution are they more likely to do the same?

If somebody found out that ten local people have posted photos of you polluting the air that they breathe, and a few hundred other people have viewed the photos and suggested ways to be cleaner, could be the motivation they need to change their behaviour? If some people start to change would others follow? 

How to take part

Join in! Take a photo and send it in. We'll share it here. We'll then be able to let regular air polluters know that people are aware of them and offended by their pollution. It will also contribute to building our campaign.

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REMEMBER!: the Clean Air Bishopston team is small and purely voluntary, wants to do a lot more to enhance this web site and extend our project, but needs YOU!! Please get in touch with your contributions, comments, suggestions, offers of help, or for some other reason: click here to reach our contact form.