clean air vision 1Clean Air Bishopston's mission is to build a strong community awareness and demand for clean air in Bishopston, Bristol, UK.

Our vision is a Bishopston with clean air supporting the health and quality of life of future generations.

Our aims: educate – advocate – agitate – communicate – investigate.

Our objectives for 2019:-

  1. Develop supporter engagement and extend our reach/reputation/presence
  2. Encourage more cycling in Bishopston
  3. Enhance local knowledge of air pollution and actions for cleaner air
  4. Encourage more walking in Bishopston
  5. Enhance awareness of clean air issues and responses

Our ethos is to be an informal agent for change. A community group that: is inclusive; has positive energy; can be creative; has conviction that change is possible but realises that the journey is long and the individual steps may be quite small.

It will also be resilient enough to cope with setbacks along the way but will balance any setbacks by celebrating each success, seeking to inspire other communities through its leadership.

Our policies include:-

  • Engage with all sections of the Bishopston community, including children, students and traders
  • Avoid over-ambitiousness but set limited/realistic/achievable goals
  • Focus on self-help community-led bottom-up actions
  • Focus on Bishopston but
    • keep city-wide and broader contexts in mind (“act locally, think globally”)
    • connect with/reach out to/learn with other Bristol communities
  • Avoid duplicating what others are doing but localise it and signpost ‘out’
  • Activities should be knowledge-based and evidence-driven
  • Creating a “wrapper” for what’s already happening (in constituent groups and beyond)
  • Prioritise sustainability and health – looking out for kids and leaving a healthy legacy for our grandchildren
  • Allow for emergence – don’t try everything all at once
  • Work up from public meeting outcomes but don’t be limited by them and take critical approach.

We've adopted a strategic approach to delivery: we are a small group leveraging our campaigns by:-

  1. Making best possible use of social media;
  2. Having a website that contains up to date and authoritative information and support the social networking;
  3. Collaborating with groups and individuals sympathetic to our aims;
  4. Ensuring that each sub-project has an active lead within the CAB team;
  5. Attempting to evaluate the impact of each sub-project;
  6. Reviewing this strategy from time to time.

imageOur development plan is to stay focused on the deliberately-limited activities set out above, and only add activities to our portfolio if a leader for each can be found and will join our team.

We are working to enhance the representativeness of our team, which is inadequate at present.

We'll continue to widen, and work closely with others in, our network.

REMEMBER!: the Clean Air Bishopston team is small and purely voluntary, wants to do a lot more to enhance this web site and extend our project, but needs YOU!! Please get in touch with your contributions, comments, suggestions, offers of help, or for some other reason: click here to reach our contact form.