bugbearThis section focuses on transport bugbears, what they are and how our community has already been active in pushing simple highway schemes.

We also call for action to revive the way local bugbears are tackled by the authorities.

school streets bristol  Are you a parent concerned about the exposure of your child(ren) to air pollution on their journey to and from school? If you are not already aware of them, School Streets Bristol is working hard with the Council to tackle the problem. Contact them here

bugbearWhat are “transport bugbears” and why are they relevant to clean air?

They are minor issues that are a nuisance and a deterrent to cycling and walking.

Tackling air pollution involves changing the ways we move around our neighbourhood, and how traffic flows through it.

gtpobj6OK but don’t highway works and transport projects rely on Council expertise?

Yes, but community input can be very important, if not essential, in identifying them in the first place and speaking up for the highest priority ideas.

halsburyroaddoneThe best way to understand how simple examples of highway works can address transport bugbears might be by looking at some examples.

Here are some example schemes that went through the process recently and seem to deliver good results.

bugmapSo all is under control and community voices are successfully addressing our transport bugbears?

Sadly not. Despite a successful consultation, Bristol Bugbears never published its results and the vast pool of crowdsourced citizens know-how appears to have gone nowhere.

cyclingSo what are we doing about transport bugbears and the resource wastage, and how can you help?

We want:-

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