bugbearWhat are “transport bugbears” and why are they relevant to clean air?

They are minor issues that are a nuisance and a deterrent to cycling and walking.

Tackling air pollution involves changing the ways we move around our neighbourhood, and how traffic flows through it.

bugbearsAs local people we need the opportunity to identify and create healthier streets and better infrastructure that allows safer walking, cycling and access for disabled people around our streets.

We need livable streets which have our daily lives and needs at their heart.

We’re also concerned about those who visit our area. Gloucester Road is a well-known shopping and leisure destination as well as a major thoroughfare.

This means strategic initiatives are needed for Bishopston, so it’s easy to reach by bike or on foot and not polluted even more by through traffic.

Congested commuter routes make people moving around miserable, but the commuters create the congestion, and if they don’t try other transport modes they also make our local high street miserable and unliveable too.

We need local highway solutions. We need sustainable transport.

It's worth noting that fixing transport bugbears is not rocket science - some of the highway schemes involved are pretty simple common sense solutions. The illustration shows examples (and the source is cited in the next article).

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