thumbnail IMG 20190306 101539253 HDROn this page we list some of the main organisations who support cycling. You are not alone - they are there to help! Start by taking a look at the following.


This is a national charity that’s making it easier for people to walk and cycle. Their website has a wealth of information including: How to use your bike to do your shopping, support for cycling to work, advice on cycling and walking to school with children, cycle routes and signs, bike maintenance,. Resources galore including travel behaviour change packs for schools.

Cycling UK

(Brand name of the Cyclists' Touring Club.) Has some useful “How to…” guides, eg How to teach your child to ride a bike. Offers links to bike groups to find people to cycle with.

North Bristol Cycling Club

Has Sunday rides of 40-55 miles from North Bristol and South Gloucester

Better by Bike

Better By Bike has information on their website on how to start cycling.

They have four official cycle maps in the West of England covering the local authority boundaries of Bristol City Council, Bath & NE Somerset, N Somerset and South Gloucestershire. The maps show traffic-free routes, quiet roads, busy roads, contours and the national cycle network (NCT). Plus, the main destinations and other attractions in the area.


On the Gloucester road there are 3 bike shops: Gloucester Road Cycles, The Bike Man and Rollquick. On Colharbour Road, Redland there is an electric bike shop and Bike UK on Queens Avenue also sells electric bikes. Also a list of bike shops and bike repair shops

There are several Facebook groups for cyclists such as Bristol Cyclists, Women Cyclists of Bristol, Cyclist Magazine

Women Cyclists of Bristol on Twitter

The Bristol charity Life Cycle UK launched the Bristol Women's Cycling Charter. Bristol Cycling Charter Mission is to:

  1. Share our passion for cycling with other women 
  2. Inspire women to make everyday journeys by bike, by acting as role models and demonstrating women can ride around Bristol
  3. Be available to women who want to cycle with information, advice and practical support
  4. Call on everyone, individuals and organisations, in Bristol who have a role in cycle infrastructure and promotion, to value women’s involvement in cycling and to take their views and opinions into account.
  5. Champion change that ensures it is acceptable for women to be on bikes and cycling in our city.
  6. Stand-up to and speak out against the harassment and intimidation of women on bikes Sign up here
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