facemaskWhat is air pollution? How is it caused? What's its impact on health? How bad is it in Bishopston? How can we clean our air? Do our own actions help? How can we talk to each other and work together to improve things?

This section helps you learn about these knotty questions, and signpost you to more and better sources of information about air pollution and clearer air.

IMGBook Review: The Invisible Killer: The Rising Global Threat of Air Pollution – and How We Can Fight Back, by Gary Fuller. Melville House UK. 2018
This new publication offers a fascinating but also frightening account of how we have come to create a world “where 95 per cent of humanity breathes air that does not meet WHO guidelines”.

carmageddonTempted to buy a new Landrover or similar air polluting monster? Maybe this article will change your mind...


The Clean Air Day website has now developed a very user friendly website specifically designed to inform and answer your questions on all aspects of air pollution. You can access it here.

car trafficIn one short article, George Montbiot spells out all the reasons why we are crazy to go on tolerating a car based society: cars kill

Car ehaustsIn Bristol’s inner city areas, residents produce less air pollution than wealthier suburbs – but suffer the worst effects. What can be done to tackle the crisis?

Read the article from The Bristol Cable here to find out more.

 air pollutantsIf you thought that NOx, and PM 10 and 2.5 were the only serious air pollutants to worry about, think again. The latest toxic (carcinogenic) vehicle exhaust pollutant to occur at levels that can be considered potentially damaging to health is the gas, 1,3-Butadiene.

Birmingham schools projectBirmingham City Council are supporting their primary schools with teaching materials that educate children about air pollution. The scheme is published by SKIPS and is called Clean Air Cops. Bristol City Council could learn from this initiative.

pollutiontraffic0102aThis short video is recommended as a good introduction to the basic facts about what air pollution is doing to our bodies. Watch it here

This video gives useful hints on how to lower your exposure to air pollution from traffic. Watch it here

How effective are trees at reducing pollutants in the air? Watch the short video here

Brain Injury PictureHere is yet another scientific article offering more evidence of why we should be doing all we can to reduce air pollution and mitigate the effects of breathing pollution loaded urban air. Barbara Maher, professor of environmental science at Lancaster University, discusses the effects of air pollution on the brain. Read the article here

pollution childrenThis Guardian article by George Montbiot brings home very graphically the blinkered view governments are showing to the damage we are inflicting on the health of a whole generation of children. Change will only come about by people taking action themselves to overcome this political inertia. See article here

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